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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Takes Time, You Pick a Place to Go, and Just Keep Truckin' on

It’s time to change up the way I’ve chosen to provide periodic updates to ETSD staff albeit, in general terms, on matters involving the merger process. The purpose of this blog was to remind everyone that the merger was the right thing to do, it will take time to accomplish the long list of “have tos” and, that I have complete confidence in all of you and our colleagues in CCSU, in making this merger a success.

Judy DeNova and I have been meeting weekly with the unified district leadership team over the last 2 months working on a variety of projects that demand greater coordination, collaboration, and lest we forget- creative problem solving!

Now that several important decisions have been made, or will be made soon, concerning the new organization’s structure, roles and responsibilities among central office personnel and the merger of several important digital systems related to organizational efficiency, it’s time to share more specific information with our colleagues in a unified manner.

Our goal is to send a weekly news column to the entire EWSD staff that will include a variety of important updates we believe staff will be interested in. Contributing to the column will be members of the unified district leadership team. We hope to have guest contributors as well, including Beth Cobb, who has begun her transition to EWSD- on her own time.

The inaugural launch of the EWSD news column will be sent to everyone within the next week or so. I’m not sure how ALL emails will be aggregated but I have a ton of faith that the EWSD tech team can pull it off.

With the future in mind,


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