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Friday, January 13, 2017

Nothing Left to do but Smile, Smile, Smile

Okay, there’s a lot left to do but I for one am so grateful to the EWSD Board for designing a very thoughtful and inclusive superintendent search process that resulted in Beth Cobb signing on as EWSD’s first superintendent!

It was clear to all three superintendent candidates that the EWSD is a pretty special place where kids are at the center of our work, where families are truly partners in education, where citizens understand why the investment of their tax dollars is the smartest investment they can make and where school employees truly value their work and each other. Many thanks to all of you for sharing the ETSD and CCSU stories!

The role of the superintendent is an important one - no doubt. As importantly, is the role of the district leadership team comprised of both district and school-based leaders. I stand tall when I speak of the challenging work ETSD and CCSU leaders are engaged in relative to the merger and how district support staff have done an incredible job putting puzzle pieces together- a puzzle that didn’t come out of a box wrapped in cellophane with well-designed pieces. (The pieces are colorful, however!)

July 1, 2017 is not too far off and even though continual progress will be made over the ensuing months, it’s not reasonable to expect that when 7/1 dawns, everything will be in place. That’s the reality and therefore it’s incumbent upon Judy and I to continue modifying the transition plan to reflect the goals of the board, the capacity of our respective staff to get the job done, and the critical importance of aligning programs with student outcomes. That’s not something that you can simply check off the list rather, it’s a plan that is constantly being added to and strengthened.

With the future in mind,


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