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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Cut My Deck to the Queen of Spades but the Cards Were All the Same

Over the last 2 months, I’ve been facilitating a steering committee meeting that includes members from both ETSD and CCSU Leadership Teams.

The charge of this committee is to frame the work both teams will be engaged in over the next 12 months starting with getting to know each other through early fall school visits.

These steering committee meetings have been collaborative, instructive, and future oriented; it’s not about who has better ideas, better stuff, more talent or who’s getting greater results. The merger process isn’t a win-lose-draw process. No one has a higher card in their hand!

Our colleagues at CCSU- administrators, teachers, and support staff alike- care about one thing- the success of each and every child in the new unified union school district.

The steering committee will be recommending to Judy, me, and their administrative colleagues, that we meet this summer to exchange ideas on what a unified leadership model should look like with a particular focus on: roles and responsibilities among school and district leaders, decision making processes, leadership team structures, and internal communications among/between a 20 plus member team.

Judy and I are also keenly aware that we must not create a leadership model that is untested and has the potential of hampering the vision and expertise of the next Superintendent. However, we must come to agreement as a newly formed unified leadership team on what the research says about the role of educational leaders in the change process and how we can apply road-tested theories and standards of practice during the transition process over the next 12 months.

Getting to know each other and learning together is a proven first step we must take together given what we need to accomplish this coming school year.

With the future in mind,


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