Essex Town

Essex Town

Monday, May 16, 2016

Such a Long Long Time to be Gone and a Short Time to be There

Essex Town School District has been operating for nearly four decades as a PK-8 school district while high school students residing in Essex Town continue to attend Essex High School. Before the ETSD’s inception, we were a member of the Chittenden Central Supervisory Union. I’m not sure what the conventional wisdom was at the time that influenced the creation of the ETSD- that was a long time ago- Now we’ve reunited our communities under one unified school district and we have a precious amount of time to accomplish a number of important tasks.

The EWSD School Board recognizes the complexities of accomplishing many of the tasks associated with the merger and the importance of ensuring that EVERY decision made must be guided by a set of principles that reflect what effective board governance and leadership is all about. On May 3rd, the board adopted the following principles that will help frame all future board and superintendent deliberations concerning the merger process and expected outcomes.

Essex Westford Educational Community Unified Union School Board Guiding Principles for Effective Decision Making
  • Does the decision deliver on the community expectations and values identified in the Articles of Agreement for the Unified Union?
  • Is the decision based on substantive evidence and can the results be measured?
  • Does the decision promote organizational stability, student centered learning, and a focus on transferable skills including creativity, innovation and citizenship?
  • Does the decision help to maintain safe learning environments for students, staff and school visitors?
  • Is the decision clearly articulated and the result of a transparent process?

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