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Essex Town

Friday, March 11, 2016

Towards Successful Unification: Focusing Direction, Cultivating Collaborative Cultures, Securing Accountability and Deepening Learning

Imagine you met a remarkable person who could look at the sun or stars at any time of the day and state the exact time. This person would be considered an amazing time teller, and we’d probably revere that person for the ability to tell time. But wouldn’t that person be even more amazing if, instead of telling the time, he or she built a clock that could tell the time forever, even after he or she was dead and gone? (Adapted from the book, Built to Last, Collins)

As we move forward with designing and implementing a plan to join together with schools in Essex Junction and Westford, I will remain resolute in viewing the merger transition in its totality rather than as separate bodies of work.  Knocking off one item at a time without thoroughly making sense of how it relates to the bigger picture is “time telling.” Designing a new modern PK-12 school system that will continue to prosper way beyond one single leader’s tenure is “clock building.”

Two Roads Converge is a blog that’s been created in an effort to keep ETSD staff in the loop concerning transition activities and milestones reached over the next 15 or so months. As the primary blogger, I’m committed to posting information, without too much commentary, that illustrates the work underway and in some cases sharing the interesting complexities in merging two separate school organizations.

I’m approaching the unification with CCSU as an opportunity to transform our educational system in Essex Vermont by designing an exceptional and well-articulated plan that places students at the center of all decisions while at the same time engaging the public and respective faculties throughout the process.

Although some weeks will be short on content, I’ll try my best to post useful information on a regular basis based on activity at the board, central office and community level.

The new Unified Union (UU) Board will be attending part II of their retreat on Monday evening, March 14th. Until a new UU Website has been designed, agendas and minutes of board meetings will be located on both the ETSD and CCSU websites.

With the future in mind,


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